Monday, December 3, 2007

You don't have to tell me because I already know...

I'm terrible at this blogging thing. Awful. Totally undisciplined.

I'd love to blame it on someone or something other than myself -- It IS true that if I get trapped beneath one of my cats I have a terrible time disturbing them to come upstairs to the office to blog. And as they have to SIT on the keyboard in front of me every time I let them in the study, I find it is best to keep them out while I surf the net, check my email, pay the bills, etc. And as their little paws are wearing out the carpet below the door from sticking their little toesies under to gain my attention, I often give up and go downstairs and pay them all the attention they think they deserve.

So that is why I want the FlyFusion gizmo. That way I can stay trapped beneath silly kitties and still manage to blog from the comfort of my leather recliner-sofa in the den. Later I can upload it and post it -- and given the talents of this gizmo, that means I can also incorporate my doodlings. Sounds like fun, eh?

The hubby thinks he'll get to use it for making the never-ending lists of to do, to get done, to buy, to return, to be, or not to be. We'll see. It's not like using my Flyfusion (still unpurchased, but on the list of 'to buy') will keep him from making umpteen million lists on the umpteen million legal pads we have here there and elsewhere. Again, we'll see.

Okay, well the handymen should return any minute with an idea of how much it will cost to repair and replace the front door and storm door. Can't you see me jumping for joy? Can't you? And there he is -- but on the phone, not at the door. He gave me the figures -- let's just say ouch. Big ouch! Much bigger ouch than originally expected. We thought we were just going to get the storm door installed, but Nooooo... the doorframe is such that it requires purchasing a new front door as well. And then tearing out stuff and rebuilding stuff and costing a lot. How I dread telling the husband. But I dread even more the idea of continuing to live with a storm door nearly falling off and barely closing as we welcome 40-odd guests (40-odd being a representative number, not a descriptor of the kind of people we expect) for the office Christmas party.

I must go prepare myself for this conversation. Wish me luck folks; wish me luck.

Monday, November 19, 2007

It is indeed Monday...

It's 1:17AM on Monday, but Monday it is. And here I am finally starting this whole blog thing. It's been a strange week. Nothing overwhelmingly out of the ordinary, but strange nonetheless. Having finally gotten back into the groove of my fairly mundane life after returning from our cruise, I found myself becoming wistful. I was shifting stacks of books from there to here and here to there and came across an old copy of Figs and Thistles. F&T, the literary magazine of my alma mater, Presbyterian College.

Although I am not a graduate of PC, I did spend my first years away from home at this beautiful liberal arts college.

Thanks to online resources (i.e. myspace), I have been reacquainted with a number of old friends, including another former editor of F&T, Ted. In 1992, one of Ted's pieces was published in F&T --
"A Thousand Souls." I'll have to see if he'd allow me to include it here. Anyway, I sent him a little message, and wouldn't you know it, mere moments later my phone was ringing. Ah, to hear a Southern accent! We talked for more than an hour -- what a delightful diversion from my list of to-dos.

So you get an idea of how rare this is, there is only one other person from PC with whom I have spoken on the phone with during the last -- oh, let's say nine years (maybe more). And the other person lives in Switzerland!

For me, it was wonderful. Calling to mind the days of Mayes (my freshman year "dorm" since they ran out of room on campus)... remembering the rigors of college classes... reminiscing the old romances... All I can say is thank you, Ted, for that fabulous adventure to the past. (Why haven't I more photos from those years? It really is upsetting).

I also looked up the local alumnae association for my old sorority. Mine was not the average sorority experience, but that's a story for another time. Anyway, I looked up the Tri-Sigmas and contacted the president of the Colorado Springs chapter. It seems they are having a get-together on Dec. 8th. It's to be an auction to support the national charity, The Robbie Page Memorial Foundation. So I need to figure out what to offer up for the auction.

Sigma Sigma Sigma

My husband--I did mention that I'm married, didn't I? -- well, my husband and I are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for all the folks on his project who don't have family to spend the holiday with. We invited about 15, but it was a little late to issue an invitation. We had intended to invite folks before we went on the cruise, but due to all kinds of craziness at work, George was unable to get the invitation out until after we returned. Needless to say, a lot of folks had made other arrangements. So as of right now only two people are joining us. There are a couple other potential guests, but not many. I'm not too terribly upset by that fact, though, since I am really not a cook. Actually, I kind of hate cooking. And I can never seem to get things to all be ready at the same time. Nonetheless, we are hosting. And we will have a grand dinner just like my mom always makes:

Turkey, stuffing, jellied cranberries, corn,
mashed potatoes,
green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, salad,
dinner rolls

-- oh, what am I forgetting?

Well, I am not making cornbread dressing -- it's much too involved for my skill level. And I'm not making cranberry relish -- neither G nor I like it and it makes a TON. But I still think I'm forgetting something. Anyway, I haven't decided on desserts. Our dinner guest tonight (Yep -- I cooked last Monday night, tonight, and I'll cook again Thursday -- Am I on a roll or what?!) brought 2 pies: Cherry and Peach. I had made brownies, so we'll have the pies for Thursday. And our T-giving guests may bring something. Maybe Mrs. Smith can provide a pumpkin pie or pecan pie if folks want it. We'll see.

As for my week, I guess it doesn't seem that extraordinary. It was absolutely fantastic getting to talk to Ted. I'm excited (and a bit anxious) to meet some other Tri-Sigma alumna. The house projects are finally coming along. AND I met some wonderful ladies at the local Holiday Craft Show yesterday. I hope to keep in touch with them as they seem really fun and very talented, too. And one of the ladies is named Lola -- I just love that name!

I know this is a bit text heavy, but it is at least started. We'll see what happens next.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Really, I am.

I am totally going to start blogging on Monday. Really, I am. And I'll upload photos and have Carrie teach me how to insert links and things. And then maybe I'll even let someone know I've started this silly thing.

So there you have it. My deadline. Monday.