Monday, March 17, 2008

Hans -- poor fella

Mr. Hansy-Wansy has an ear infection. We noticed it Sunday -- poor guy's ear just wouldn't stop twitching. And it was oozing. And he was shaking his head a lot. And oozy stuff was shaken this way and that. Poor fella. Being a Sunday, we couldn't get him to the vet until this morning. So bright and early (for me), I got up and got him into the crate (not fun!) and shuttled him over to the vet's office. He is now on two antibiotics -- one is topical and the other is oral and both have to be administered twice daily. The topical one he gets for 2 weeks, and the oral for 1 week (it's double-strength amoxycillin). So that's that.

Oh, and G finished installing the kitty door on Saturday - now we just have to convince Hans and Tinka that they really can push through the two flaps to get to the other side. Hans is getting better -- I only have to push the first flap back a little and he'll go through. Tinka is a big baby -- she finally got through and out to the sunroom yesterday but when she wanted to come back in she just sat on the step looking through the door waiting for G to let her in. He finally crumbled -- she has him so whipped! Little does she know that tomorow SHE is going to the vet to get her nails and paw-fur trimmed. And then in April, both kitties are getting their teeth cleaned. Im sure they're going to be just thrilled with me after that!

On a brighter note, I am getting a massage today. My masseuse is fantastic -- her name is Venus and she is a certified masseuse and calls herself a healer, too. I got a massage from her on Friday, although it was kind of a massage and kind of physical therapy. I've been getting knots behind my right shoulder-blade again, but evidently there are other things going on as well. After my massage Friday, G's office had a bowling tournament and he and I bowled (Venus had asked me to take it easy and go home to an epsom salt bath, but I was already committed to bowl on the team). I must say I am pretty impressed with myself. It has been AGES since I bowled and we bowled 3 games and each of my scores was over 100. My high score was 134. Out of the five of us on the team I was pretty much tied for second. Not bad considering I was the only girl on our team! G did the best and it was his boss that I was neck and neck with -- we really had a good time and I am hoping maybe I can convince G to go again soon. I'd love to break 150!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Picture pages Picture pages...

Do you remember that song?
Time to get your crayons and your pencils!

Did you check out Picture Pages? And Electric Company?
How fun was that little trip down memory lane? You can find anything on youtube!
Okay, so I told you there would be more photos, so here they are:
The first is little Cason with Autumn -- I love the funny faces he makes! The second is my mom playing Merry Maid with a hot pink feather duster. The third is a picture of Cason after Autumn had to give him his first (and only, so far) suppository -- I guess you can tell what he thought of that! He posed all by himself -- although to be honest, it's not that finger anyway. Funny though. Fourth is a profile of A with little Cason -- I though it was kind of neat.

And here is a photo-collage I put together as a screensaver for us -- top row is our niece Bridget (that's me holding her in the middle pic), then Cason, and the bottom row is our niece Katlyn (and her parents).
I'm hoping my sister sends more photos of Cason soon as all I have are the ones I took while I was there and a few from my other sister and a friend who were there at the same time I was.

Now I must go try to re-light the pilot light on the furnace -- again. Brrr...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Thursday

I know it's been a week and this is my first post, but I've been semi-busy and semi-just catching up on not doing anything. I admit, I still haven't unpacked my bags from my visit to TN -- maybe if I don't unpack them then I didn't really leave my wonderful little nephew and little sis way across the country -- actually, I'm just chronically bad about unpacking. Always have been -- probably always will.

Oh, and Monday I interviewed for a job. And Saturday is an important job fair. Perhaps soon I will once again be happily employed -- I MISS IT!! I know a lot of folks would think I was very lucky not to 'have-to' work, but for me it is misery. Okay, misery is a bit strong -- but not too far off the mark. I just love to work and be a contributing member of a successful and reputable organization. Since I don't like to post identifiable information about myself, I won't say more about the jobs, but I will ask that you wish me luck or say a little prayer for me. I'd appreciate it tons.

So here is my picture post for today. I took this while in Tennessee from inside my sister's kitchen -- through the window and the screen. It was an overcast day with snow flurries at the time -- all that said, I think it's a pretty good shot and it makes me happy!

Posted by PicasaI just love bluebirds!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

More of my angel...

I can't get over just how much he changes every day!
Yep, that's me, Auntie Tonya with Cason and his proud parents, Autumn and Mike!

This is my baby sister and Cason's Auntie Robyn.
Here he is with his great grandmother -- we were all so glad she could make the trip!
My parents with Baby Cason. They'll go by Grandpaw (or Granpaw -- not sure which)
and Bubby!
And here Autumn is with Auntie Jenny holding baby Cason, and Uncle Brian.

This is baby Cason sleeping on the chest of my big brother Bart, a.k.a. Uncle Smoove.

And this is my baby brother, D.J. who will go by 'Uncle Dirty' (they came up with the names -- we'll see if they come up with something better by the time little Cason can talk!).

And Cason with his Beautiful mama!

It really was incredible to be there when Cason came into the world, and to be able to spend the first 2+ weeks of his life! Oh, and it wasn't all play, mind you. I did more cooking for them than I have the entire year we've lived in Colorado. AND, I changed Cason's very first, and very dirty, diaper in the hospital that first night (at 2:12AM). And I did it by cell-phone light!
Soon I'll get back to blogging more about my own life, but since my life for the past few weeks has been wrapped up in the lives of Cason, Autumn, and Mike, well, you're just going to have to bear with me. And besides, who doesn't like looking at beautiful baby pictures?!

He has arrived! February 7, 2008

It's true, he's here. But one must begin at the beginning -- well, not THAT beginning. But the beginning of baby's arrival. So... we're off -- driving to the hospital!

It's early morning and we all figure a bite to eat would be a good idea, so M. fills the tank and buys us all breakfast biscuits. This turns out to be A's last meal before Cason arrives -- she got the chicken biscuit -- Yum!Many calls had to be made...
and then we get there, just in time to ... wait.
Once we get a room, it's time for a few laps:
The sign read: Lap 1. We didn't count. Even if we had, I don't think we could have counted the million and one laps we took. It's a good think I had on my tennies!
SO, many hours later...

My first nephew, and the first grandchild on my side of the family, arrived!

Baby Cason made his debut at 7:51PM on Thursday, February 7th weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz and measuring 20 1/2 inches!

He's perfect!

The happy parents with their healthy baby boy.

Here I am with the sweet angel!

A very proud papa.Unfortunately, this outfit swallowed him whole.

So there you have it... our blessing, Baby Cason.
I'm back in Colorado now and you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be seeing more of the 300+ photos I took during my nearly 3 week stay.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


These are, we believe, the Kissing Camels at Garden of the Gods

I'm supposed to be packing for my trip to Tennessee, but I just had to throw in a couple photos from our weekend with Sarah. We went to the Garden of the Gods on Saturday and walked around a bit. It was very Brrrrr outside. And even more Brrr when we got to Manitou Springs! And strangely enough, we arrived in Manitou Springs to find the town celebrating and enjoying the annual Carnivale! I wish I had some photos of some of the oddly dressed folks wandering the streets!

Instead, here are Sarah and me, and Sarah and G!

We finished the evening with a fondue dinner at the Mona Lisa -- we had a great brie fondue and a fantastic chocolate (and Gran Marnier) fondue for dessert. I had planned on eating my chocolate twinkie last night, but after the chocolate fondue (and a superb wine), I decided it should wait.

Today we rode the train through the Royal Gorge -- really beautiful, although I bet it is even more amazing during the spring or fall.

Pretty smile on Sarah!
And tonight Sarah cooked for us! She made a lovely salad with cucumber and avocado and a creamy lime vinaigrette and teh entree was a penne pasta with vodka cream sauce. Oh, and to top it all off, she made (from scratch) amazing chocolate sour cream cupcakes with semi-sweet chips in it and a cream cheese and orange icing.(And I haylped-- accent intended). Wow! I should have taken pictures before we devoured the meal. Oops.
The cupcakes were delicious -- though the altitude may have messed with their rising a bit -- they rose well, but fell. Didn't bother me at all though -- chocolate with more chocolate with cream cheese icing -- can't go wrong with that.

And before you remind me that I'm supposed to be on WW, not to worry. I have trackers packed and healthy low-fat recipes to make in TN. I'll be back down to goal by the time I get back to Colorado.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fairy Godmother

Okay, she's not a fairy, and she's not my mother, but once upon a time in a land far, far from here when I lived in a little apartment in Georgia, she visited. You see, I am a messie. Piles o paper, mountains o books, boxes o stuff, collections o this'n'thats -- these are the inhabitants of my home. I am much better now than I was then, but I have to be. You see, I married an even-messier messie.

But I digress. Once upon a time... in that apartment in Georgia...she visited. My place was a mess and I was overwhelmed -- not knowing where to start or how to finish. So I went to my first job that day, left that, and went to my second job. Upon arriving home, there was a note upon my door that read:

I prayed today: Please let Tonya find some release from this stress!! Awesomely enough, He worked through me; however even God can't help that Bedroom!

:), Jodi

In this case stress totally = mess. She cleaned and organized Everything -- except the bedroom, as you probably guessed. And it was Wonderful! I was overwhelmed with gratitude. But fairy-godmothers don't visit everyday and sometimes they even move far, far away (like MinneSOta). So I had to learn some of my own tricks. Here they are:

1. Wear a tiara -- mine is from my wedding -- when else am I going to wear it?
2. Wear an apron with pockets.
3. Fill pockets with m&ms.
4. Pour glass of wine.
5. Wear fun rubber gloves.
6. Put on upbeat music.
7. Get to work!
8. If someone rings the doorbell and you decide to answer it, realize that you are wearing a tiara -- whether or not you leave it on to answer the door is up to you.
9. Keep moving!
10. Let m&ms melt one by one in your mouth -- use the hand that's not scrubbing the toilet to get it there.
11. Sip wine.
12. Wear an earpiece so that, should you recieve a phone call, you can keep working.
13. Stay away from the computer!
14. Sing outloud to the music -- and boogy while you clean!

Wish me luck, there's a lot to do before driving to Denver tomorrow to get Miss Sarah!
Also, if you are like me, check out FlyLady, she's quite helpful!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Heaven is a place on Earth

I began this post with a different title:
Get Thee Behind me Krispy Kreme
OR... The Makings of a Behind. Mine, that is.
But when I saw this photo-illustration, well, it just about says it all.

It's true. I LOVE Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Specifically the chocolate glazed and chocolate glazed creme filled varieties. And that's bad. And I know absolutely how bad it is. You see,

I used to make the doughnuts.

Okay, not KK doughnuts, but the very same kind of fried, glazed doughnuts. Oh yes. Back in the summer of '94. What can I say, I was trying to earn $$ for college.

I worked at Pizza Hut in the evenings until about 11:30 or midnight, would go home for a few hours, and then go make the doughnuts at about 3:30 AM. I still love Pizza Hut pizza, too, and believe me, I ate a lot of Pizza Hut pizzas back then.

So here's the scoop: I worked at a 24 hour Winn-Dixie on Fury's Ferry Rd. in Augusta, but there weren't many folks around when I came in. So I'd go back to my little corner of the bakery and get to work. The fryer was noisy and I couldn't hear the piped in music, so I'd sing to myself. I'd sing hymns or tunes from Annie, The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera or Nat King Cole --these are the songs for which I knew all the words. Only occasionally did I find I had an audience. One fellow in particular seemed to catch me singing -- he'd come in at about 5:15AM to pick up a dozen or two doughnuts which were scheduled to be put out at 5:25. If I was working, he'd wait and watch me decorate them and chat with me a bit. If the other gal was working he'd go to the end of the aisle where the day-olds were. She was pretty crabby -- and SO not a morning person. Once I caught him peeking around the aisle near the bakery -- he was checking the terrain to see which one of us was working -- too funny!

Anyway, here are a few little pieces of info. on our friend, the glazed doughnut, and his associates:

1) There's no such thing as a doughnut hole, although it is true that doughnuts do have holes. To make doughnut holes, one must cut up the uncooked doughnut dough that is preformed into the doughnut shape.
2) If one tries to apply the glaze too soon after frying the doughnut, or if one slings the glaze-applying trough too hard, allowing too much glaze to come through, the doughnut will deflate beneath the weight of it.

3) Each doughnut absorbs about, oh, 1/4 cup of 100% vegetable oil shortening -- and that's before the glaze goes on.

4) Doughnut holes and long doughnut twists are exceptionally difficult to make, as doughnut products go. Twists are the worst. First of all, they are shaped by hand. They must be twisted just the right way or there will be problems in the fryer. As the tray of twists/holes is submerged, the twists/holes float on top of the oil, absorbing it. Once it is a golden brown, one must quickly and expertly flip each and every twist or hole. If one waits too long (or if the twist was top-heavy or side-heavy), they won't stay when they are turned-- they just roll right back over. If that happens, one must then use one of the long wooden stick-like 'flippers' to turn it over and then hold it there, upside down, to cook the other side. If it is undercooked it will likely deflate when the glaze is applied, and of course, the other side will be overcooked and very tough.

5) Knowing all that I know about them, they still taste really good to me!

Holy Cow! In searching for a photo of a doughnut twist, I found this! It's a website featuring a 60 second video of doughnut-making and a whole lot more. Just look at them floating in the grease! It's a beautiful thing!

And for those of you who enjoy a good parody, check these out:
To the tune of:
O Christmas Tree/ O Tannenbaum
99 Red Balloons
Requiem for a Kreme -- this last one is a silly video some boys made. Skip the first minute thirty or so, and enjoy the rest. Oh, and don't cry over spilled milk, k?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Elephant Guts

I told you I'd tell you about these, and it's perhaps fitting to have a blog about 'guts' when my hubby was evacuating his quite a bit. I'm glad to say he is doing better and able to keep liquids down since about 4:30ish yesterday afternoon. Some people he works with told him that think he has the 48 hour bug that's been going around, but as I still feel fine, I am guessing that it was indeed our Sunday lunch that did it. I know I might be wrong, but if believing that keeps my mind from allowing my body to get sick (because it works that way, you know... okay, SOMEtimes it works that way) well, I'll just go on believing it. Besides, I simply don't have time to get sick right now for the following reasons:
1. I have too much house-keeping to get done before cousin Sarah gets here
2. We have a busy weekend with Sarah planned and I have a feeling I'm going to need my energy
3. I leave Tuesday for Tennessee to stay with my lil' sister and meet my nephew when he makes his debut. Don't want to get her sick! That would be very bad!

So there you have it. But I'm not getting sick anyway, so all is well.

As for elephant guts, here's a photo:

It's something my mom has made for us for years. I don't know for sure if she 'created' it herself or if it is a recipe that has been handed down over generations (I doubt it).
Basically, it's Bisquick mixed with water dropped by dollops into the deep-fryer and then rolled in cinnamon sugar. YUMMMM!! And while they are quite similar to funnel cakes, they are much better! (Doesn't the word 'much' look strange today? Hmmm...)
Oh, and since I'd mentioned it earlier this week, the company casserole I made Friday (or maybe Thursday) turned out okay. Not great, but not too bad. The plain yogurt substitution for sour cream was fine, as were the substitutions of fat free cream cheese and cottage cheese for the full fat versions. I also used diced tomatoes instead of just tomato sauce -- next time I might go half and half. The one substitution I was not so impressed with was the ground turkey. This particular recipe just needs the beef flavor. Oh, and using whole wheat rotini was good -- I may even like whole wheat pasta better than the regular enriched stuff. And as for WW Points, it still turned out to be a 7 pointer. If I'd used ground beef it would have been either a high 7 or a low 8.
So, if anyone out there has good, easy WW-friendly recipes that don't rely too much on mushrooms or a lot of green vegetables (the husband will hardly touch them), then please share! I'll do the same (and I'll post the company casserole recipe when I get back later tonight).

Monday, January 28, 2008

Food Poisoning -- Ick

Just a quick non-post because I was up all night and through today with a sick hubby. Food poisoning from lunch in Denver we believe (all I had were chips and sour cream -- and thank goodness). Poor fella is having a rough time. I'll try to post tomorrow.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sock Monkey, that funky monkey

Well, all the decorations are boxed and stored except one which awaits the load of laundry underway -- hand towels, kitchen towels, holiday pot holders, etc. And we have to lug the tree boxes down, but all the trees are packed (what a chore!).

So it's time to move on to my endless list of to-dos. Tomorrow is a birthday party for the 1 yr. old daughter of friends -- we'll just drop by for a short visit because we then have to drive to Denver to see Scott's band play (Blind Exit). And to exchange Christmas gifts with them. We fully intended to get together before the holidays, but you know how that goes. Then we were going to stop by on our return trip from Augusta, but our flights got in later than we expected, so... we'll celebrate on January 26th. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Since Scott and Laura don't read this blog, I can tell you that we got them the game Apples to Apples. I first heard about it from Carrie and Matt, and based on their raving reviews G and I got it as a part of one of the gifts in the family gift swap (the kind where you all draw a number and the first person chooses whatever gift, then the second can open a new gift or steal person 1s gift, etc). We played it with my family and with G's folks, too, and every time, everyone seemed to really enjoy it. So that's part of their gift. The other part is a really nice wine stopper representing the Ms. Zuiderdam -- the cruise ship upon which we enjoyed a recent voyage.

(Laura in blue, Scott seated, G in the middle, and me on the right)
Below is a photo of the Zuiderdam that G took

Professional photo of Zuiderdam

But before the party, and before our trip to Denver, we must make a trip to Target. You see, I have decided to make sock monkeys for Valentine's Day for my nieces Bridget (almost 2), Katlyn (almost 1), nephew Cason (not yet arrived), and maybe little Ava whose birthday party is tomorrow. I made my first sock monkey this past Christmas for Carrie -- he's an interesting looking fellow, don't you think?

That would be Carrie, sock monkey, and me in front of the Christmas tree in Augusta. He looks a little 'gangsta' if you ask me!

And here is the sock monkey I have had since childhood (I am not sure who made him. Hmmm.... may have to ask mom about that).

But for the little ones, I thought I'd try something a bit less, well... scary. Like this:

A couple of nice things about these little fellas is
a) they are smaller, therefore requiring less stitching
b) they are sweeter, therefore producing fewer scary dreams
c) the socks can be any socks, therefore creating more options

(Here's a precious shot of the nieces with their mommies and Santa watching the choo-choo)
So that's that. And now I must retire to bed. Tomorrow is a very full day! Next time I'll tell you about Elephant Guts! :)
As for the layout, bear with me. It doesn't look this way in preview mode.