Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Elephant Guts

I told you I'd tell you about these, and it's perhaps fitting to have a blog about 'guts' when my hubby was evacuating his quite a bit. I'm glad to say he is doing better and able to keep liquids down since about 4:30ish yesterday afternoon. Some people he works with told him that think he has the 48 hour bug that's been going around, but as I still feel fine, I am guessing that it was indeed our Sunday lunch that did it. I know I might be wrong, but if believing that keeps my mind from allowing my body to get sick (because it works that way, you know... okay, SOMEtimes it works that way) well, I'll just go on believing it. Besides, I simply don't have time to get sick right now for the following reasons:
1. I have too much house-keeping to get done before cousin Sarah gets here
2. We have a busy weekend with Sarah planned and I have a feeling I'm going to need my energy
3. I leave Tuesday for Tennessee to stay with my lil' sister and meet my nephew when he makes his debut. Don't want to get her sick! That would be very bad!

So there you have it. But I'm not getting sick anyway, so all is well.

As for elephant guts, here's a photo:

It's something my mom has made for us for years. I don't know for sure if she 'created' it herself or if it is a recipe that has been handed down over generations (I doubt it).
Basically, it's Bisquick mixed with water dropped by dollops into the deep-fryer and then rolled in cinnamon sugar. YUMMMM!! And while they are quite similar to funnel cakes, they are much better! (Doesn't the word 'much' look strange today? Hmmm...)
Oh, and since I'd mentioned it earlier this week, the company casserole I made Friday (or maybe Thursday) turned out okay. Not great, but not too bad. The plain yogurt substitution for sour cream was fine, as were the substitutions of fat free cream cheese and cottage cheese for the full fat versions. I also used diced tomatoes instead of just tomato sauce -- next time I might go half and half. The one substitution I was not so impressed with was the ground turkey. This particular recipe just needs the beef flavor. Oh, and using whole wheat rotini was good -- I may even like whole wheat pasta better than the regular enriched stuff. And as for WW Points, it still turned out to be a 7 pointer. If I'd used ground beef it would have been either a high 7 or a low 8.
So, if anyone out there has good, easy WW-friendly recipes that don't rely too much on mushrooms or a lot of green vegetables (the husband will hardly touch them), then please share! I'll do the same (and I'll post the company casserole recipe when I get back later tonight).


care said...

um, I don't know about weight watchers AT ALL, but there's a recipe I love that's EASY and the only veggies are tomatoes and onions.

it's chicken, a teensy bit of oil/spray, paprika, garlic, salt, pepper, onions, tomatoes, sour cream (I use light, fat free would be fine) and noodles. I use yolk-free egg noodles but you could totally substitute for whole wheat I bet, or leave 'em off entirely.

let me know if you're interested. and let me know what are the requirements for "weight watcher" friendly and I'll see what else I can cook up. ha!

glad he's feeling a bit better, and I hope he's taking it easy!!!

Average Girl In Average World said...

Being sick like that really takes it out of you. my son come down with it today.

The elephant guts sound sooo good. And easy too!!!! I may have to try them.