Friday, January 25, 2008

Sock Monkey, that funky monkey

Well, all the decorations are boxed and stored except one which awaits the load of laundry underway -- hand towels, kitchen towels, holiday pot holders, etc. And we have to lug the tree boxes down, but all the trees are packed (what a chore!).

So it's time to move on to my endless list of to-dos. Tomorrow is a birthday party for the 1 yr. old daughter of friends -- we'll just drop by for a short visit because we then have to drive to Denver to see Scott's band play (Blind Exit). And to exchange Christmas gifts with them. We fully intended to get together before the holidays, but you know how that goes. Then we were going to stop by on our return trip from Augusta, but our flights got in later than we expected, so... we'll celebrate on January 26th. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Since Scott and Laura don't read this blog, I can tell you that we got them the game Apples to Apples. I first heard about it from Carrie and Matt, and based on their raving reviews G and I got it as a part of one of the gifts in the family gift swap (the kind where you all draw a number and the first person chooses whatever gift, then the second can open a new gift or steal person 1s gift, etc). We played it with my family and with G's folks, too, and every time, everyone seemed to really enjoy it. So that's part of their gift. The other part is a really nice wine stopper representing the Ms. Zuiderdam -- the cruise ship upon which we enjoyed a recent voyage.

(Laura in blue, Scott seated, G in the middle, and me on the right)
Below is a photo of the Zuiderdam that G took

Professional photo of Zuiderdam

But before the party, and before our trip to Denver, we must make a trip to Target. You see, I have decided to make sock monkeys for Valentine's Day for my nieces Bridget (almost 2), Katlyn (almost 1), nephew Cason (not yet arrived), and maybe little Ava whose birthday party is tomorrow. I made my first sock monkey this past Christmas for Carrie -- he's an interesting looking fellow, don't you think?

That would be Carrie, sock monkey, and me in front of the Christmas tree in Augusta. He looks a little 'gangsta' if you ask me!

And here is the sock monkey I have had since childhood (I am not sure who made him. Hmmm.... may have to ask mom about that).

But for the little ones, I thought I'd try something a bit less, well... scary. Like this:

A couple of nice things about these little fellas is
a) they are smaller, therefore requiring less stitching
b) they are sweeter, therefore producing fewer scary dreams
c) the socks can be any socks, therefore creating more options

(Here's a precious shot of the nieces with their mommies and Santa watching the choo-choo)
So that's that. And now I must retire to bed. Tomorrow is a very full day! Next time I'll tell you about Elephant Guts! :)
As for the layout, bear with me. It doesn't look this way in preview mode.

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care said...

yaaaaaaaaay for blogging. yay yay yay!

I like the littler sock monkeys but I'm REALLY glad mine's the traditional type! and I think you need to look for socks at target--they have some pretty cute ones!

and what a great pic of you and george--you're lookin hot!

have fun with apples to apples--I sure do love that game!

miss you.