Thursday, January 24, 2008

Knick-Knack Paddy Whack...

Is it wrong to bribe my kitties into another room to keep them from causing my untimely death? Just for an hour or so? Lately Hans has been ignoring me in the evenings -- which is prime lap-time these days. But my lap has been empty quite a bit. Tinka, on the other hand is all over George -- she's such a Daddy's girl! So Hans, who ignores me any time I would like his company, decides it is his job -- nay, DUTY -- to pounce on every piece of tissue paper that is strown about the living room as I un-decorate. This has created a bit of a situation when I am precariously balanced on a step ladder to get down vintage ceramic Santa's only to step back to the ground which, by the way, is moving beneath my feet. Yep. Hans.

Hans Tinka

And WHY does he LICK PLASTIC? I'm serious, folks... does anyone have a clue? Tinka doesn't do this, but E-v-e-r-y plastic bag, carton, insert, etc. is going to be licked by my boy. It drives me nuts! Last night I was reaching for a plastic baggie of sliced apples (closed with a twist-tie, thank heavens) and it was all lickeyed-up. Yuck! Could there be some kind of dietary defieciency that makes plastic so appealing? Hmmm...

Okay, so on another note, here are a couple things I am really excited about.

1. My little sister is preggers. She's due Feb. 17th, but was just put on bed-rest and the doc says she'll very likely deliver early. I get to go to Tennessee February 5th and stay an undetermined length of time to help out while she's in bed prior to the birth of my nephew and then again after she's released from the hospital with the new baby. I am SOOOO excited! It's the first baby on my side of the family -- YEA!!!

(This photo is from a couple of months ago -- she's much bigger now!)

2. G's cousin is coming here Feb 1-5 for a visit. It should be a lot of fun -- she's an amazing woman and we get along exceptionally well!

3. Frozen Dead Guy Days. That's right. Frozen Dead Guy Days. It's a festival in Nederland, CO that I am hoping we will attend in March -- it honors a man cryogenically frozen and awaiting re-animation. He is currently residing in a tuff-shed on dry ice. It's an interesting story and the festival includes a coffin race and a polar bear plunge, among other things. Interesting, huh?


4. This website:

Items I especially love:

vintage file holder sushinery -- office supplies that look like sushi

Aren't these luggage tags hysterical!?

Too much fun. Too much fun.

Alas, it's back to the task at hand. I hope to be finished re-packing all the seasonal items tonight and then Saturday or Sunday maybe the hubby can help me lug 'em to the crawl space and get out all the regular decor that's been temporarily stored down there. Who knows, maybe I really can have the house in good shape by the time Sarah visits!


care said...

is sarah george's (and matt's) cousin? I do believe I've heard about her. and want to meet her. it's hard to keep track of names of people you haven't even met.

also, gobi licks fabric in the same way hans licks plastic. maybe it's a boy thing?

and I am amused as well because hazel? she loooooooves matt. sits on his lap every chance she gets. cracks me up.

and I am SO proud of you for blogging two whole days in a row. yaaay!

I miss you. I want to come visit!

Average Girl In Average World said...

Is Tinka a Maine Coon? I have an Orange one - male, named Gabriel. He is a lap baby, everytime I am on the computer, he gets in my lap and refuses to NOT be rubbed. I have to put him out the door and close it!!!! Gotta love those animals.

Tonya said...

Thanks foro the comments! Yep, Carrie, Sarah is Matt and G's cousin -- you'd like her!

As for Tinka, we adopted her (and Hans) this past August from a no-kill shelter. We were told tehy are brother and sister -- so they are obviosly not pure-breds of anything. They're almost 8 years old -- I don't know much about cat breeds, but maybe there's some Maine coon in her. She's a sweetie, for sure.

Average Girl In Average World said...

Sure looks like a Maine Coon. Is your's very "talkative"? Mine meows loud, and often!!!!

Average Girl In Average World said...

BTW, I am adding a link to your site from mine. Keep blogging!!!

Tonya said...

Okay, I need help. How do I add other people's blog links?

(I'll get the hang of this eventually!)

Average Girl In Average World said...

when you go to dashboard to change appearances, you can add a link page, mine is called favorites. You just add them in there.

Tonya said...

Thanks! I actually tried that a couple of times, but the pop-up never came up. I must've been doing something wrong, but I have it now! Hopefully I'll actually get around to posting later today! :)