Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Probably won't keep this up...

Okay, so I am pretty darn bad at this whole blogging thing. I just have a hard time justifying spending the time doing it when there is so much else to do. For instance, right now I should be taking down some of the umpteen-million Christmas decorations that are, yes, STILL gracing my walls, shelves, trees, etc. I know... talk about procrastination.

Here's the deal, I put up a ton! because we were hosting the company Christmas party and I wanted it to be festive. I didn't spend TOO much considering all I got. Most was secondhand -- okay, the reality is, most of it was probably like 3rd 4th or 5th hand because I got a lot of it at the ARC (which is like a Goodwill). A few things were bought on Ebay -- but I got it all on the cheap. Most people toss out these vintage Santa's, but I love'em. Anyway, I didn't even put all the decorations out because I ran out of time and because I only decorated the first floor. But now it looks like we're going to be on the tour of homes next year (Yea!) so I'll have to decorate the 2nd floor, too. SO I need things to be extra-organized as far as the way things are packed up this year so it won't take so long to re-decorate next year. It's a big job.

Please believe me, though. We are not hoity-toity type folks. I just really enjoy decorating, seasonal or otherwise, with things I love. I am SO not an "out of the catalog" type decorator. My stuff is quirky, odd, cheap, and individual pieces have more than once been called "hideous." But my mom always says I just have a knack for putting the right things together -- I haven't found the right place for this, though. I might have to recover it. Oh, and it cost $2 to get this chair AND this table at an auction in Iowa. See -- cheap! (Okay -- maybe I'll upload the photos of the chair and table next time. We'll see.)
Let me upload a couple photos so y'all can see what I mean -- then I HAVE to get some of the decorations down. Seriously.

Oh -- and the first image -- yeah, it's pretty much true. I don't enjoy cooking. I enjoy even less trying to alter recipes to make them Weight Watchers-friendly. Long grain brown rice Does Not taste as good as fluffy white rice. It doesn't cook the same and it therefore messed up dinner Monday night. Edible, but not yummy. I'm supposed to alter a Company Casserole recipe George likes but I'm afraid. I've Heard you can sub plain yogurt for sour cream and ground turkey for ground beef and whole wheat pasta for normal stuff. But should one make all those substitutions PLUS using reduced fat cottage cheese and cream cheese in one recipe? I'm skeptical. I'd be happy if I could live on Cap'n Crunch for 2 meals a day; evidently that is not considered a healthy diet. Figures -- it's Easy!


Average Girl In Average World said...

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