Monday, March 17, 2008

Hans -- poor fella

Mr. Hansy-Wansy has an ear infection. We noticed it Sunday -- poor guy's ear just wouldn't stop twitching. And it was oozing. And he was shaking his head a lot. And oozy stuff was shaken this way and that. Poor fella. Being a Sunday, we couldn't get him to the vet until this morning. So bright and early (for me), I got up and got him into the crate (not fun!) and shuttled him over to the vet's office. He is now on two antibiotics -- one is topical and the other is oral and both have to be administered twice daily. The topical one he gets for 2 weeks, and the oral for 1 week (it's double-strength amoxycillin). So that's that.

Oh, and G finished installing the kitty door on Saturday - now we just have to convince Hans and Tinka that they really can push through the two flaps to get to the other side. Hans is getting better -- I only have to push the first flap back a little and he'll go through. Tinka is a big baby -- she finally got through and out to the sunroom yesterday but when she wanted to come back in she just sat on the step looking through the door waiting for G to let her in. He finally crumbled -- she has him so whipped! Little does she know that tomorow SHE is going to the vet to get her nails and paw-fur trimmed. And then in April, both kitties are getting their teeth cleaned. Im sure they're going to be just thrilled with me after that!

On a brighter note, I am getting a massage today. My masseuse is fantastic -- her name is Venus and she is a certified masseuse and calls herself a healer, too. I got a massage from her on Friday, although it was kind of a massage and kind of physical therapy. I've been getting knots behind my right shoulder-blade again, but evidently there are other things going on as well. After my massage Friday, G's office had a bowling tournament and he and I bowled (Venus had asked me to take it easy and go home to an epsom salt bath, but I was already committed to bowl on the team). I must say I am pretty impressed with myself. It has been AGES since I bowled and we bowled 3 games and each of my scores was over 100. My high score was 134. Out of the five of us on the team I was pretty much tied for second. Not bad considering I was the only girl on our team! G did the best and it was his boss that I was neck and neck with -- we really had a good time and I am hoping maybe I can convince G to go again soon. I'd love to break 150!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Picture pages Picture pages...

Do you remember that song?
Time to get your crayons and your pencils!

Did you check out Picture Pages? And Electric Company?
How fun was that little trip down memory lane? You can find anything on youtube!
Okay, so I told you there would be more photos, so here they are:
The first is little Cason with Autumn -- I love the funny faces he makes! The second is my mom playing Merry Maid with a hot pink feather duster. The third is a picture of Cason after Autumn had to give him his first (and only, so far) suppository -- I guess you can tell what he thought of that! He posed all by himself -- although to be honest, it's not that finger anyway. Funny though. Fourth is a profile of A with little Cason -- I though it was kind of neat.

And here is a photo-collage I put together as a screensaver for us -- top row is our niece Bridget (that's me holding her in the middle pic), then Cason, and the bottom row is our niece Katlyn (and her parents).
I'm hoping my sister sends more photos of Cason soon as all I have are the ones I took while I was there and a few from my other sister and a friend who were there at the same time I was.

Now I must go try to re-light the pilot light on the furnace -- again. Brrr...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Thursday

I know it's been a week and this is my first post, but I've been semi-busy and semi-just catching up on not doing anything. I admit, I still haven't unpacked my bags from my visit to TN -- maybe if I don't unpack them then I didn't really leave my wonderful little nephew and little sis way across the country -- actually, I'm just chronically bad about unpacking. Always have been -- probably always will.

Oh, and Monday I interviewed for a job. And Saturday is an important job fair. Perhaps soon I will once again be happily employed -- I MISS IT!! I know a lot of folks would think I was very lucky not to 'have-to' work, but for me it is misery. Okay, misery is a bit strong -- but not too far off the mark. I just love to work and be a contributing member of a successful and reputable organization. Since I don't like to post identifiable information about myself, I won't say more about the jobs, but I will ask that you wish me luck or say a little prayer for me. I'd appreciate it tons.

So here is my picture post for today. I took this while in Tennessee from inside my sister's kitchen -- through the window and the screen. It was an overcast day with snow flurries at the time -- all that said, I think it's a pretty good shot and it makes me happy!

Posted by PicasaI just love bluebirds!