Monday, March 17, 2008

Hans -- poor fella

Mr. Hansy-Wansy has an ear infection. We noticed it Sunday -- poor guy's ear just wouldn't stop twitching. And it was oozing. And he was shaking his head a lot. And oozy stuff was shaken this way and that. Poor fella. Being a Sunday, we couldn't get him to the vet until this morning. So bright and early (for me), I got up and got him into the crate (not fun!) and shuttled him over to the vet's office. He is now on two antibiotics -- one is topical and the other is oral and both have to be administered twice daily. The topical one he gets for 2 weeks, and the oral for 1 week (it's double-strength amoxycillin). So that's that.

Oh, and G finished installing the kitty door on Saturday - now we just have to convince Hans and Tinka that they really can push through the two flaps to get to the other side. Hans is getting better -- I only have to push the first flap back a little and he'll go through. Tinka is a big baby -- she finally got through and out to the sunroom yesterday but when she wanted to come back in she just sat on the step looking through the door waiting for G to let her in. He finally crumbled -- she has him so whipped! Little does she know that tomorow SHE is going to the vet to get her nails and paw-fur trimmed. And then in April, both kitties are getting their teeth cleaned. Im sure they're going to be just thrilled with me after that!

On a brighter note, I am getting a massage today. My masseuse is fantastic -- her name is Venus and she is a certified masseuse and calls herself a healer, too. I got a massage from her on Friday, although it was kind of a massage and kind of physical therapy. I've been getting knots behind my right shoulder-blade again, but evidently there are other things going on as well. After my massage Friday, G's office had a bowling tournament and he and I bowled (Venus had asked me to take it easy and go home to an epsom salt bath, but I was already committed to bowl on the team). I must say I am pretty impressed with myself. It has been AGES since I bowled and we bowled 3 games and each of my scores was over 100. My high score was 134. Out of the five of us on the team I was pretty much tied for second. Not bad considering I was the only girl on our team! G did the best and it was his boss that I was neck and neck with -- we really had a good time and I am hoping maybe I can convince G to go again soon. I'd love to break 150!

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Average Girl In Average World said...

Sorry you had to make a vet appt.

I am sooo jealous about the massage, my hubby gets them 4-6 times year, but I never get around to making an appt. one day, I keep telling myself.