Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Thursday

I know it's been a week and this is my first post, but I've been semi-busy and semi-just catching up on not doing anything. I admit, I still haven't unpacked my bags from my visit to TN -- maybe if I don't unpack them then I didn't really leave my wonderful little nephew and little sis way across the country -- actually, I'm just chronically bad about unpacking. Always have been -- probably always will.

Oh, and Monday I interviewed for a job. And Saturday is an important job fair. Perhaps soon I will once again be happily employed -- I MISS IT!! I know a lot of folks would think I was very lucky not to 'have-to' work, but for me it is misery. Okay, misery is a bit strong -- but not too far off the mark. I just love to work and be a contributing member of a successful and reputable organization. Since I don't like to post identifiable information about myself, I won't say more about the jobs, but I will ask that you wish me luck or say a little prayer for me. I'd appreciate it tons.

So here is my picture post for today. I took this while in Tennessee from inside my sister's kitchen -- through the window and the screen. It was an overcast day with snow flurries at the time -- all that said, I think it's a pretty good shot and it makes me happy!

Posted by PicasaI just love bluebirds!

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care said...

good for you for not unpacking your bags. I'm SO with you on that one. :)