Thursday, September 20, 2012

So last night was day 2 of Bikram Yoga for me.  For those who read my last post, the best thing I could say was that I survived.  Last night was different -- last night I felt GREAT!  Not that it wasn't still super hot and super hard, but it was different for three main reasons:

1.  I knew what to expect.

2.  A sweet girl stayed after class Tuesday to give me some pointers:  Breathe in and out through the nose ONLY except during the opening and closing series of breathing exercises (esp. when you feel dizzy).  And, keep your eyes open until the final savasana -- esp. if you feel dizzy.  (This helped SO much!  I did every pose at least once -- only 3 times did I not complete all the poses in a series!)

3.  The instructor -- her energy was so positive and encouraging!  I was able to "hear" her instructions better since I wasn't focused on not passing out, and frankly, she was just amazing.

So, I will give my first instructor another try in a week or so when I feel stronger.... but in the meantime, I'm going to check out a few more classes with female instructors -- I have been told that, in general, the female instructors are more encouraging and nurturing (esp for new students), and frankly, that's just what I need right now.

No Bikram tonight as I have chiropractic and physical therapy appointments, but I'll be heading back to class tomorrow!

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