Friday, May 3, 2013

Hit the road running...

Yep, once again it has been months since a post.  And a lot has gone on.  Most of it boring.

I have not been to Bikram Yoga since October and the 100 pushup challenge ended shortly after that last post due to an untimely sneeze during pushup #7 that injured my shoulder.  Bikram, while a fantastic form of exercise, is just not a great fit for my life due to the time requirement (basically 4:30 PM - 8 PM on yoga days, which they want to be every day). 

So... on to the new thing.  Running.  My baby sister and my mother both decided to start running this year.  I figure, if they can do it; I can do it.  Well, I jumped the gun a little and George and I tried to run a 5K at the National Harbor.  Without training.  Without even doing basic exercise for months leading up to it.  Okay, so truth be told, we really didn't PLAN to run... but we got there late due to CRAZY traffic and wanted to try to catch up with friends. 

At the Glo Run at the National Harbor in DC
So now I am starting a 5K training program.  I know, I am shaking my head at myself, too.  How could I have gotten so out of shape that I have to TRAIN to run just 3.1 miles? But the reality is, I have NEVER run... like, ever.  Except when playing flag football in college, but that was sprinting very short distances. Oh yeah, and it was more than 20 years ago.

To do this right, I am being guided by a pro.  My trainer is Carrie Grote of, and she just happens to be a dear friend from college.  We had lost touch, but reconnected a smidge via FaceBook (meaning I read her posts, and look in awe at her beautiful family photos).  Carrie looks amazing.  And she is a remarkable woman.  And I really hope we get to truly reconnect soon.  But back to running, because Olive it. hee hee.  Carrie has developed a training plan for me so that I can run an entire 5K before my 40th birthday in August.  Race Day is July 28.  Training starts tomorrow. 

The thought is that I will post a little here and there about how it is going.  Wish me luck!

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