Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mistakes, Milkshakes, and Macklemore PJs

Tuesday night we went to the gym that we just joined.  We got a tour, and then did our training plan on the treadmills because it was a rainy night.  I don't like treadmills. My foot was striking different, I didn't feel like I should be talking much to George, but that's how I keep my breath controlled.  I ended up singing under my breath -- the only song I could think of at the time was the Milkshake song (True, I don't know all the words.  And, no, I don't want to think about what the song means.  But I had seen a post on FB -- "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard").  I know. Mortifying.  But no one heard me and it did the trick.  And I survived.

Yesterday was an even stormier day and I had to work a bit late.  So we decided G would do his run at home on the treadmill since he would make it home first.  Then I would do mine when I got home.  It would have been fine if I had paid better attention to my training plan.  I mistakenly told G the training plan for NEXT Wednesday.  So basically, we both did twice the duration of running than we were supposed to.  Good news... we survived.  Bad news... for me, I just barely survived and in fact had to jump up on the rails a couple times.  Ugh! 

Today is another off day.  Tomorrow I will make sure we do the right training plan.  Saturdays are always walk days and Sundays are our ramp up days. 

My prep for the next treadmill run will be to have a CD player nearby to play upbeat music that I know the words to so I can sing along.  If we do it at the gym, I'll dig out my iPod and have it charged up to do the same.  Oh, and I need to get that Thrift Shop song, too... makes me smile every time (I know it has a lot of bad words in it, but still... )!  Macklemore was totally singing about my flannel zebra jammies (not from a thrift shop, mind you! And yes, the feet have zebra faces!)! 


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